Also Oklahoma has another lotto that is very popular

Detailing the periscope camera in his teardown video, JerryRigEverything explains that the periscope module takes up to 30 to 40 percent of the length wide space of the phone. The module, as mentioned, consists of three parts, and all the parts are glued together with a full metal surround shell protecting it further. When the protective ring is broken, the image sensor is seen residing perpendicular, instead of parallel to the back of the phone.

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There are more and more aggressive, boundary pushing rigs out there, and the ever present XC hardtail holdouts. But the latter are usually aimed at the gram counting racers that clearly are a bit too serious about getting wattage to the rear tire. What about those of us who just want to catch the Tuesday night local circuit and simply aren’t into shreddy trail oriented hardtails? Do we all have to spend $4,000 on a featherweight Euro mobile? Nope, we do not.

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